Imagine Dragons: Not only dominating music right now, but also your fave arcade game. If you're a gamer, the dude you have to beat to get your name to the top of the 'high score' list is Imagine Dragons' Ben McKee. 

McKee recently spoke with Billboard about the band's song 'Zero' from the new Disney movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, and his personal love for gaming.

'...There are several arcades in Denver, Colorado, with McKee atop the Donkey Kong high score and he even has pinball machines in his house in Las Vegas,' Billboard reported.

So, now we know what the band is up to when they're in town for a sold-out Pepsi Center show.

'I’m not really someone who was good at computer games or playing on the Xbox, but the original Donkey Kong in the arcade is my video game,' McKee tells Billboard. 'I would go and try to set the high score at any arcade I would go to. There’s a couple arcades in Denver actually where I do right now hold the high score in Donkey Kong.'

We're not sure where in Denver he's set the high score, but we'll keep our eyes out.

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