Saturday night?  I took a Lyft home from Old Town.  About a five-mile trip.  Then, we took it again to make sure our babysitter got home safely.  About another three miles round trip.  They say five - okay, fine.

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This?  Is the receipt in my email the next day:

Geoff Gundy, TSM
Geoff Gundy, TSM


  • Base fare             $1.00 - just to make sure they get something, even if you decide not to ride with them?
  • 31m 33s                $5.05 - for their time
  • 10.27 mi               $11.30 - for the distance
  • Prime Time + 150%         $26.03
  • Service fee         $2.30 - because -  they hate their lives?
  • Grand total       $45.68!

The Lyft website promises "Up Front Pricing, and that you will never take a ride with Prime Time without agreeing to do so.  However, here's another page that took several minutes do dig up, where they finally tell you that the Prime Time fee isn't included in your estimate even when you ask for it!

So they have Up Front Pricing - and, Back Door Pricing.

Obviously I am disputing those charges.  That's at least double what is reasonable by anyone who can tie their own shoes.

And that's not all!

This only happened after Uber didn't show up, even though we gave them the exact address of where we were.  People are human - mistakes happen - no worries - Except for the fact we were charged $5 for that, too... which I am also disputing!

Not tryin' to talk trash about businesses.  That's not good for anyone.  But I am strongly suggesting that you make sure you know exactly what you're paying before you pull the door shut on that car.

Lyft promises your first ride free, but last December we found a $16 charge for our first ride.  But I was busy, so in unusual form, I let that go.  Now, I'm just done.

I'm pretty sure I'll be riding my bike or taking the bus next time I don't want to drive.  If I ever do take a Lyft or an Uber again, I will be asking so many questions about my fare that the poor driver will probably be sweating bullets by the time we drive off.

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