Ever since clinching the democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has been on a Donald Trump warpath, focusing much of her campaign on the attack. 

Her campaign team recently released a powerful ad titled 'Role Models' where she overlays Trump quotes from rallies and interviews with images of children watching TV.  See the full ad here:

Basically, Hillary's not holding back.

Today she pulled out all the stops and created a website called 'Trump Yourself', where you can log in with Facebook and create a photo of yourself with a quote from Trump and various graphics on top of it.

Madison Scruggs

My curiosity ate away at me.  Of course I had to try it.

To avoid getting bashed by all the Donald Trump supporters on our Facebook pages (including my conservative relatives) I decided to go for a Trump filter that was a little less serious than the rest when my final result came through.

Courtesy of HillaryClinton.com/TrumpYourself

Wow, Donald.  That's a little harsh.  Especially because....

Madi Scruggs, TSM

....I mostly drink Diet Pepsi.  If he can't see the difference between the two sodas, then I don't know how much I trust him.

Hillary's team has not yet made an official statement about the site, nor has Trump's team.