I-70 through Glenwood Canyon is closed...again. At least this time it is for precautionary reasons.

On Wednesday, Aug. 18, the Colorado Department of Transportation announced they would be closing the stretch of I-70 through Glenwood Canyon that had severe burn scars that contributed to mudslides that closed the highway for weeks back in late July and early August.

I-70 remained closed through the Canyon overnight, and CDOT announced the closure would continue through Thursday, Aug. 19.

CDOT is continuing to monitor the area. The highway was closed due to a flash flood warning on Wednesday, and they've decided to keep it closed as the burn scar area through Glenwood Springs got a lot of rain Wednesday night.

They have decided to keep the Canyon closed until further notice because of the rapidly fluctuating and changing weather conditions. Currently, the area is in a Flash Flood Watch, but crews are aware that could turn into a Flash Flood Warning at any given minute.

CDOT agreed in July that the protocol for the Canyon due to the severe damage and threat the mudslides posed to the highway was to close the stretch to travelers in any event of a Flash Flood Warning.

The Department of Transportation has also assured Coloradans that the work that's been done to repair the highway of its damage from the mudslides has held up thus far. The rain has not yet affected the trajectory of the repairs.

CDOT reports they will have a traffic control point eastbound at the West Rifle exit to help guide motorists to the northern alternate route.

Colorado Dept. of Transportation
Colorado Dept. of Transportation


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