Don't ever do what this hunter did. He was calling in coyotes, but got a badger instead and proceeded to pick him up barehanded.

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This began as one of those typical rabbit trails you end up on when you wonder about things on the internet. I was curious if anyone in Wyoming had ever captured video of a badger and found this. This is wild. The hunter is calling in coyotes, but gets this vicious little guy instead.

Wyoming Game and Fish does have some helpful information about badgers and their habitat. They mention that you're most likely to encounter a badger between July and September since that's their peak mating season. Yes, you can run into them if you venture into their territory in the wild, but should you try picking one up? Not unless you'd enjoy mangle fingers.

Badgers are a great presence in Wyoming as they do "feed on a wide array of vertebrates, ranging from prairie dogs and ground squirrels, to ground nesting birds and their young and eggs, skunks, young wild canids (foxes and coyotes), and even rattlesnakes.". If you don't see a rattlesnake, it's likely you can thank a badger.

The Operation Wildlife site has a fun mention of what to do if you encounter a badger and in ALL CAPS "DO NOT PICK UP".  That obviously doesn't apply to this hunter who has ninja badger picking up skills. As for me, NOPE.

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