Howard Stern is once again voicing skepticism that Chris Cornell took his own life. Echoing sentiments the radio icon made just days after Cornell’s death, Stern claimed yesterday (March 6) that there’s “no way” the Soundgarden frontman killed himself.

While speaking about Howard 101’s new Saturday Soundtracks series, Stern played an acoustic version of “Black Hole Sun” Cornell performed while visiting the Stern show. Howard called “Black Hole Sun” one of the best songs ever written, parlaying his praise for the song into questions about Cornell’s death.

“He didn’t kill himself, by the way, just if you wanna know,” Stern said. “No way. No way a good looking guy like that, who can sing like this and play guitar is gonna kill himself. There’s no way… impossible.”

Stern followed up by joking that his producer Fred Norris was actually responsible for Cornell’s death, adding levity to a somewhat uncomfortable topic.

Back in May 2017, Stern reacted to Cornell’s death with similar skepticism. “He couldn’t have killed himself,” Stern floated. “That’s why I can’t even wrap my head around it, a guy having that much going on and killing himself, I just can’t buy it. I mean it’s crazy to think how many singers from the 90’s Grunge scene are gone. Kurt Cobain of course, Layne Staley from Alice In Chains, Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon is dead, Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots.”

“Great looking people should never be sad. I should be sad, you should find me hanging from a belt. Really, what do I have? I look like Ichabod Crane,” joked Stern.

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