As indoor concert venues across the country remain closed through the COVID-19 pandemic, our local live music joints are taking the hit. Here's how you can help save our stages

The Aggie Theatre, which has been Fort Collins' 'main spot for hosting nationally touring acts' for nearly three decades has started a recovery fund, ranging from a $25 tier to $10,000. To show their appreciation, they'll even give back to you, when they're back in full swing.

'Due to the current global pandemic, we've been unable to bring you your favorite artists, leaving us without an income while still having to carry heavy financial burdens,' the Aggie Theatre shared on its website. 'Giving any amount to our Recovery Fund is greatly appreciated... Thank you so much for keeping Fort Collins' music scene alive!

With a $25 donation to the fund, you'll get a free drink at the Aggie, and starting at $500, you can have your name on a plaque in the venue. You can donate here.

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