In June, collaborating agencies including Aims Community College, and the City of Loveland Art in Public Places Program began looking for an artist to paint a 30 x 50 foot mural in downtown Loveland.  The search is over, and YOU are one of the artists!

Get your paintbrush, and get the details- inside!

AIMS wall

Work begins on Friday, September 7, for the new mural in downtown Loveland.  Those in charge of the project began the search for an artist in June, and have selected Stephanie Ruelas, who is a student at AIMS Community College.  The selection of an AIMS student is fitting, because the mural will be on the west wall of the AIMS campus in downtown, at the intersection of 4th and Railroad.

Stephanie will be under the supervision of muralist Sheldon James, who painted the mural on 5th street and Lincoln.

5th street mural


The theme of the new mural will be "Where Art and Science Meet'- again fitting, being on the wall of AIMS.  The best part is that the community is invited to help paint the mural! Experienced artists will use scaffolding equipment to work on the areas of the design that are not reachable from the ground, but YOU can help paint the lower part!

The first public painting session is Sunday September 9th from 11am-1pm!  I'm going to see if I can dig up one of my smocks from Lincoln Elementary School!  This is going to be great!

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