It's everyone's worst nightmare. You go to an ATM to take money out, and you notice a couple days later that your account has been breached with thousands withdrawn.

You're first instinct (as well as would be mine) is to freak out and worry about if you're going to be able to pay your bills. Don't fret, because your bank is always there to protect you from these instances occurring.

However, they do occur and it seems like they are happening more frequently here in the state of Colorado.

And card skimmer manufacturers are getting very sophisticated now, as they try to make it even harder for a Colorado consumer to detect them.

The question for you is do you know how to spot a card skimmer that has been placed at one of our local merchants?

If you need to be updated on what you need to watch out for, check out this video which will give you a couple unique ways that you can spot a skimmer.

And after you watch this video, use these tools whenever you need them to make sure you try to protect yourself as much as possible!


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