There's now an online hub for all of your favorite local shops. If you would rather stay home while COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Larimer County — but still need to get holiday shopping done — there's a new e-commerce site called Fort Collins Marketplace.

The Coloradoan called it an 'Esty-like' website, a place where you can shop locally, safely and easily for the holidays. Like Etsy, you can filter by product type or shop location; Old Town, Mid-Town or South Fort Collins.

'Together we can help our local businesses thrive and stay connected to what’s really important,' Fort Collins Marketplace's website says. 'Our family, friends and relationships that mean something. We invite you to give gifts and experiences that matter and make a difference. By shopping at The Marketplace, you show someone special that you care, and you give back to the community. Together we can make memories.'

From apparel to baby toys, cocktail kits, frisbee discs and skateboards, you can now shop businesses like The Wright Life, Copper Muse Distillery, Clothes Pony and more, all in one place, online.

The concept launched just before Thanksgiving, on November 25.

You can read more about Visit Fort Collins' Fort Collins Marketplace from the Coloradoan, and get your holiday shopping started here.

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