Close-up of dinner setting with salmon and wine

If you want to get a little free wine the next time you're at a restaurant, here are two ways to do it.  They won't make a huge difference, but you might get a little stronger buzz:

1.  Before you sit down, look for a section with a WAITER, not a waitress.  A few different studies have found that men pour more wine than women do . . . about 9% more on average.  (Don't ASK for a male waiter though.  It's not worth looking like a sexist jerk just to get one more sip for free.)

2.  Hold your glass while your waiter pours the wine.  A study in 2013 found we pour about 12% more wine when someone's holding their glass compared to when it's sitting on the table.  (The chance of them spilling on you is a little higher though.  So hold it over the table, not over your lap.)

Bonus:  Your other option that's sort of obvious is just getting a BOTTLE instead of ordering by the glass.  If your table is having at least four or five glasses, it's a lot cheaper that way.





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