Ice scraper check — is it under the passenger seat, in the back seat or prematurely stowed in the trunk? Just when you thought you could retire the scraper for the season, you may actually need it this May. 

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According to the National Weather Service, the Fort Collins area will definitely be wet to start off the week, with rain showers throughout the day on Monday, which could turn into snow overnight. We could hear some thunder, too — thundersnow, we love it. However, the good news for you (and your tree branches) is that little to no new snow accumulation is expected.

Tuesday, the mix of rain and snow is expected to continue, though likely just rain in the afternoon. Less than half an inch of new snow accimulation is expected, the National Weather Service says.

The rest of the week will be a much different story. While there's a chance of afternoon rain showers here and there, Wednesday is expected to be mostly sunny and in the 60s. Thursday and Friday will also be clear for the most part, with highs in the mid 70s. You can see the full forecast from the National Weather Service here.

It can be a little bit frustrating to get a taste of sunny, near-80 degree spring days, only to see snow in the forecast days later, but this is pretty typical. It can even snow in the Fort Collins area into June, believe it or not. While it didn't snow in May last year, in 2019, Fort Collins got almost three inches of snow on May 21, and in 2017, Fort Collins got 1.8 inches of snow on May 18. So, we're just not quite done yet.

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