Back in the day, you used to go to your neighborhood Blockbuster video or other video store to rent movies. I loved going into those stores and seeing all of the video cases displayed all over the walls as high as you can reach.

Blockbuster Video
David Friedman, Getty Images

One of the rental places I used to go to all the time was called All American Video Rental. We'd sometimes ride our bikes down there and rent a movie when we'd stay over at someone's house. Ahhh fun times. Let's not forget to rewind the VCR tape, or you might be charged. So you were always kind and always rewind.

Photo credit: George Frey/Getty Images
Photo credit: George Frey/Getty Images

With the rise of Netflix, On Demand and RedBox, the day and age of the brick and mortar video rental stores have nearly become extinct. The largest video rental chains, Blockbuster Video, seems like a distant memory. Then I got to thinking... Are there any video rental places left in Northern Colorado? Google here I come!

This is what I found in my search of a brick and mortar video rental location... Well, I found two. Which I am pleasantly surprised!

The first location is in Fort Collins called the Village Vidiot, located at 1220 W Elizabeth.

The next and final video store is in Loveland called Showtime Video and is located at 1821 W Eisenhower Blvd.

I would have almost guaranteed Greeley would have had at least one brick and mortar video rental store... But no luck.

I miss going into those stores and renting a video. Do you miss them too?

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