Are you really sure you know the answer?


  • The new Sonny Lubick Stadium on Lake Street
  • Hughes (1968-2016)
  • And Colorado Field (1912-67.)

Just as fun of a question as my headline:  How many college football stadiums has Fort Collins had on campus?


Most of us are too young (aw, shucks) to remember CSU's first playing field, which was where the running track is now, sort of northeast of the new stadium.

But much unlike the new facility, this one was built entirely by college students and faculty, and was the first football field in Colorado to use real grass on the playing field.  Even though it had a football field, a practice field, a baseball playing area, and a track, it's my understanding that the only "building" there was the locker rooms.

You can read here how the Colorado Aggies had quite a run of things in that original location.

And there's your writeup from a guy who is not a spectator sports enthusiast whatsoever, but is fascinated by local history and architecture.

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