'A Bold New Era' is the new slogan for CSU Rams football, and after beating up on the Buffaloes in the season opener, they've landed another reason to celebrate!

Come in and check out where Bleacher Report ranked the new poster!

CSU Rams Head Coach Jim McElwain and the team received kudos on the new schedule poster for the 2012-2013 season!  Bleacher Report has ranked the Rams' "Bold New Era" poster at tied for #2 in the nation!  There was no #1- it was a tie for 2nd- awesome!

From Bleacher Report:

Due to excellent design, the poster still remains simple and effective. Just so it's not lost on anyone as to how much is going on here, here's a list of everything important that appears on the sheet:

Bold new poster

1) Colorado State helmet.

2) Stadium shot from the field. (Reflected in top of helmet.)

3) Shot of head coach and players.

4) Athletic logo.

5) Team schedule.

6) Slogan. (A bold new era.)

Every single aspect of this poster is prominently placed, subtle and in high contrast to its surroundings.


The Rams tied with Vanderbilt- that ALONE is cause for celebration, but CU came in at #16 to boot!  Rams whoop on the buffs AGAIN!

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