I guess one way to get your music out there is to claim it's a new release from a band with nearly 10 million fans, and that's exactly what The Unlikely Candidates did. 

Used with permission courtesy Talia Lezama Photography
Used with permission courtesy Talia Lezama Photography

The trouble-making Texas boys were in town last month for a show at the Moxi, just around the time Gorillaz had dropped their first song in nearly six years. So, while the Gorillaz were breaking the internet, Jared of The Unlikely Candidates saw an opportunity... and he went for it.

When the guys stopped by our studio before their set, they let us in on the little stunt they'd pulled on the band's millions of followers -- a stunt that, in turn, got 'Best Things in Life Aren't Free' loads of Shazam hits.

Is this legal? Ehhhhh. Is it marketing genius? Absolutely. 

Just my two cents: I kind of like the The Unlikely Candidates' 'new Gorillaz song' more than the actual new Gorillaz song.

94.3 The X and BandWagon Magazine present The Unlikely Candidates with Silver & Gold and Holdfast on Monday, May 1 at the Downtown Artery in Fort Collins. 

All responsible ages welcome. Tickets are $15 in advance, available here.

*Photo used with permission, courtesy of Talia Lezama Photography -- see more here

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