Now that we've begun a new year, are you thinking it's time to trade up into a bigger house? Perhaps you find your nest a little emptier than it's been and are looking to downsize? Better check the market before you make a decision.

The Colorado Association of Realtors has some pretty deep statistics on the housing market across the state. From market trends to the number of new listings vs. houses sold and more, it's a wealth of information if you're thinking about either buying or selling.

One statistic in particular that stood out to me is how median home prices have changed year over year, from the end of 2021 to the end of 2022, but especially how different that number looks county to county across the state.

Top Ten Colorado Counties Median Home Price Year Over Year

How did your county fare on the list? Here's the median home price change from the end of 2021 to the end of 2022.

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