Well, Denver, at least.  This fun little study compares U.S. cities including three in Colorado so chances are you can get a decent idea wherever reading this.  Cheyenne is also on the list.

How did WalletHub decide this?  By examining these categories of New Year Resolutions:

  • Bad habit elimination
  • School and work dedication
  • Financial discipline
  • Improved attention to health

Doing best up to 2018 are:

5)  Salt Lake City

4)  Scottsdale, Arizona

3)  San Diego

2)  San Francisco

1)  Seattle

Worst out of the 182 locations mentioned?  None anywhere near here.

Here's how Colorado and Wyoming are standing:

  • Cheyenne is 120th best.
  • Aurora is 105th.
  • Colorado Springs ranks at 45.
  • Denver is #20.

Here's why living in our region can make resolutions easier:

  • Dry weather, sunshine, and lots of amazing nature trails make it extremely enjoyable to get out and exercise.  Pineridge Reservoir alone can make you want to jog just a little longer!
  • Colorado isn't for the weak.  It's not as easy to make it here unless you have your act together.  If you're used to smoking a pack or more of cigarettes per day, that's like two utility bills.  If you're not used to planning meals and doing a to-the-dollar budget every few weeks, welcome to the 'real world.'  With wages akin to those in Indiana and rent & mortgage getting closer to California rates, you know every bit helps!
  • Work hard, play hard.  It can be good to understand that the "oomph" that we routinely put into our work should at least roughly match that of our play.  If one's out of balance, the other suffers.  That lazy person you work with?  What are they doing outside of work?  I'm guessing not much.  In other words, busting our butts can be worth it, if the payoff is that attractive.  And it isn't for everyone.
  • I have heard from numerous friends who have moved from other states the following:  Seeing how much the cities around here care about everything and are so pleasant just to be in, it makes you want to be a better human being.  One small example would be stopping littering.  Why would you want to trash this?  Obviously, not everyone shares this feeling, but it's great that many do.
  • It's a fact:  We become more like our surroundings.  It's the same reason it's so important to eliminate negative people from our lives.  When we see someone nice looking enjoying something that looks fun, we tend to wish we were that.

Not sure whether I go for the New Year Resolution thing.  Sometimes, I guess.  Sometimes I make one in April or perhaps September.  But the holidays can definitely offer a perspective of our lives from the outside and cause us to take a quick self inventory, and in whatever way, gather hope for something new and amazing coming soon.  Cheers to all your somethings!




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