's 'Hottest ZIP Codes' list for 2018 is out, and while we're not surprised one from Colorado made it on, we are surprised that it's not Denver. 

Additionally, this ZIP code is in the top five in the entire country. 'Hot' ZIP codes are ones where 'homes are relatively affordable, residents are employed at higher rates and tend to earn more, and Millennials, in particular, are doing well,' says.


One of the hottest ZIP codes in the U.S.? 80922. That's Colorado Springs, for those of you who aren't familiar, and it was ranked #2, only behind Kentwood, MI (which you've probably never heard of, but there's a reason why).

'After being priced out of housing markets like Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco, Millennials are looking to smaller suburbs for their dream home and lifestyle,' Forbes reports.

All we can say is, we're glad it's not Northern Colorado. (For now...)

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