Hooters of Loveland has been open at Crossroads Boulevard and I-25 since 2006. After 15+ years, it was time for some renovating. After a three-week project doing so, the place looks great.

It's location makes is easy to get to, whether from the interstate or Loveland, itself. There's no telling how many customers Hooters of Loveland has served since opening, including tourists, motorcycle enthusiasts, regulars, and just folks who like good food.

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I had heard that the Loveland Hooters was going through renovations, but I really was surprised at how things were changed, for the better, after the project was complete. They've really opened up the inside, as well as adding more seating within the patio bar.


I'm not saying everybody goes to Hooters often, but It's good to know that they care about the restaurant and want it to be appealing to as many people as possible. Whether dropping in for lunch, catching a game, bringing out the gang for a celebration, they are a great bunch of people.

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I think the first thing you'll notice when you walk into Hooters of Loveland after the remodel is that the bar that was adjacent to the kitchen, along the south wall, has been moved. It's now along the west side of the restaurant; which makes it much more a regular "horseshoe-like' bar with many more beer taps as well.

The bar is now an inside-outside bar serving patrons sitting at the expanded bar on the patio. That bar was very small before, now you can have several of your friends join you.  Where the bar once was, you'll find new booth seating; which is a great idea.


You'll remember that there was a half-wall that separated the northern part of the restaurant area; that is gone now, opening up the space quite a bit. There is a lot more "openness," overall, with the renovations. it's brighter, too.

Also of note, with the 13-month 2023 Hooters calendar, one of the girls from the Loveland location, Olivia, is featured with December 2022.

Take a look at the "new" Hooters of Loveland:

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