We love to honor and recognize our local heroes. Whether those heroes are our local law enforcement officers, first responders, farmers, members of the military who are currently serving, veterans, or whoever YOU feel is a hero in your eyes, we love to put the spotlight on them and give them proper respect.

This week, our hometown hero comes to us from Greeley and is currently serving in the United States Navy stationed at Naval Base Kitsap up in Washington state, which is the home port for ballistic-missile and guided-missile submarines.

Petty officer 2nd class Devan Vick is serving our country and we're super proud to call Devan one of our own from right here in Northern Colorado where Vick is a proud graduate of Greeley Central High School class of 2013.

I joined the Navy to be a good inspiration to my younger brothers and sisters. I have brothers currently serving in the Navy, Marine Corps and the Army.

- Devan Vick

It takes a special kind of dedication, bravery, and honor to volunteer to represent your country, and we thank Devan and all men and women who are currently serving and of course all of our veterans who have paved the way for others.

Serving in the Navy means Vick is part of a team that is taking on a whole new level of importance, especially with all of the craziness going on overseas these days with the importance of America rebuilding military readiness for national defense strategies.

"The Navy contributes to National Security with intelligence, surveillance and by creating a strong military presence through maritime power,” said Vick.

Thank you Devan for all you do to serve our country and for military members everywhere, thank you.

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