With just days left for the Fort Collins Holiday Twin to meet its $25,000 goal, the drive-in theater still needs the community's help.

Todd Harding/TSM
Todd Harding/TSM

The financial goal for the Holiday Twin is all-or-nothing, and the theater is still short $10,000 with just five days remaining in the campaign (ends May 29) -- which means the reality of losing one of the nation's last drive-ins is starting to sink in.

However, the drive-in has proposed a special way for members of the community to share how much the theater means to them, by proposing an interactive 'memory wall.'

Our plan is create a wall where our signature Corvette bumper is displayed along with approximately 30-35 speakers. This wall-art will be interactive. We will record your favorite memory and place that recording inside the speaker... Our family memories will be housed in the center speaker as well, for all to enjoy. - Holiday Twin Kickstarter

Again, that is only if the Holiday Twin meets its goal, which is still thousands short. If you want to donate to save the theater, click here.

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