Football is watched by all walks of life, including hipsters. A lot of Broncos gear in stores are too mainstream for them, however.

Most people are going to be wearing the typical jerseys and generic orange Broncos shirts that you pick up at the last-minute from King Soopers. Some people even go over-the-top with ugly chunky crotchet beanies and blinged-out cowgirl hats. That's just not gonna cut it for fashion-minded types like hipsters.

Below are 15 Broncos items I found on Etsy that are totally hipster-approved, cleared, and promoted (especially by that girl in the hipster hat) so you don't have to resort to the mainstream King Soopers look this football season.

Broncos gear shown above comes from Etsy users LocalLimited, Vintage8811, FreeRangeMamaGifts, BFreshGear, FreshtoDeathVintage, vintagerhino247, thecaptainsvintage, FenixVintage, FlowerChildForest, BrassPearVintage, PacificThrowbacks, VintageVanShop, VonJansen, ByPartsWorldwide, and taksinvintage.