In some states, not clearing the snow from the top of your car can cost you up to $1,000 in fines... but it doesn't look like Colorado is one of those states. However, there's a reason you should clear the snow, even if it isn't technically illegal to leave it there. 

You may think the snow on top of your car is no big deal, but NPR has reported that snow flying off the tops of vehicles has the potential to cause fatal accidents.

The chunks that accumulate on the roof of your car could fly off when your car is in motion,' Good Housekeeping shared. 'Several fatal car accidents have even happened because ice or snow hit drivers, according to NPR.'

That snow could not only hit the car behind you, but if you hit your brakes, it could all come down onto your windshield. You can, however, be fined and ticketed in Colorado if you don't clear your front and back windshields completely.

With all the snow we've had lately, take the extra time to clear your car off, your roof included.

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