Because my wife and I have overlapping schedules, we have dealt with Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County now for about a year.  Impressed and grateful only begins to describe my feelings on this organization.

Seems like a good time to show off my funny bunnies: Alyssa, Kate, and Ashley. (Geoff Gundy, TSM)
Seems like a good time to show off my funny bunnies: Alyssa, Kate, and Ashley. (Geoff Gundy, TSM)

We found out about it because my three girls, ages 8, 8, & 6, go to Olander Elementary, and that's who told us there is bussing from there to B&GC every weekday after school.  All you have to do is stop by the 'Club at some point to set it up first (obviously you would want a tour, some information about the place, and to see where your precious cargo will be spending their time,) pay them about $10 for a membership, fill out a quick form, and you can drop your kids off there just about any time during the day!  Even though I was a little nervous at first, this has turned out to be a huge saving grace for us.  Who the heck can afford day care for three kids?

So what happens while your kids are there?

A lot of things!  High energy games, from basketball to shooting pool, to tag and things like kickball when it's nice outside.  Crafts and neat projects.  And tons of events, like they have a day coming up when everyone will dine out at Runza in Loveland (their food is amazing - they have the best fries in the world - anyway,) a big Summer Bash at the new Sonny Lubick Field, and a lot more things you'll hear about if you get on their e-mailing list.

Boys & Girls Club bases its curriculum off of five core areas that they really seem to live up to:  The Arts, Character & Leadership Development, Education/Technology/Career Development, Health & Life Skills, and Sports/Fitness/Recreation.

Sometimes they provide snacks & things too, but our girls eat what we send with them.

I just find it crazy that this is all practically free.  I mean, this place isn't perfect - nowhere is - but when a bunch of young strangers can come together in an upbeat, positive atmosphere like this, it's hard to complain.

Boys and Girls Club of Larimer County is funded by community donations, and I'm sure they would appreciate yours, too.

Click on the image below for more about the club!

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A peak inside B&GC of Larimer County (Google Maps)


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