Need a Lyft (pun intended) to go vote tomorrow? Uber and Lyft are here to help.

According to USA Today, the ride share apps are both offering discounts for voters on November 6, to assure that lack of transportation isn't a reason to not vote this election.

Buzzfeed reported that 'In the 2016 election, over 15 million people were registered but didn't vote due to lack of transportation,' which is why this time, they have partnered with Lyft to give voters 50 percent off their ride to and from the polls. Interested? Click here to get your discounted ride.

Uber is also offering FREE and discounted rides. Uber partnered with two organizations that can help you get a ride to your polling location at no cost, and additionally, is offering Uber users a $10 off promotion on November 6, which means even if your ride isn't free, it'll be pretty cheap!

If you want to get $10 off your Uber ride, open the app, go to 'Menu,' then 'Payment,' and add the promo code code VOTE2018.

Need to know where to vote in Northern Colorado? Click HERE.

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