I'm not sure I've ever seen a big-name act's ticket sell for as inexpensively as what's pictured above, but it's still not terribly uncommon to see someone great for $20-$30 in many parts of the great U.S.A.  Just not here.

This might make you feel better, however, because it did me.  There are 18 states where the average concert ticket price is MORE expensive than it is in Colorado.  I was hoping to see LCD Soundsystem in Broomfield this weekend, but not for no $90.  Geez, what must that run in L.A.?  Apparently more like $130!  What's a beer cost there, $20?

Click the map for the whole map, and the article to back it up, to see how bad, or not, it is on your bank account to purchase tickets for that must-see show.



I hate when I have to legitimately tell myself, "Listen to your downloads at home for next to nothing, enjoy your favorite beer for a reasonable price, and skip fighting the crowds getting out of the venue."  But hey, it works.

Because I have forked over the cash before - last time was $200 for my wife and I to see Neil Young at Red Rocks.  Not gonna lie:  It was worth it.  Yet somehow, I always enjoy the shows more when I pay less or go for free.

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