The first time I saw the Foo Fighters was at the Pepsi Center with Weezer.  It would be great to see a "double headliner" show like that again!  One interesting thing I remember was Dave Grohl turning the lights on the audience and pointing out that it was people of all ages, not just one age group or certain "type" of person.  It was a moment of unity that sometimes happens at a rock concert, and keeps me wanting to see more, and more, and more of them.

Here is some recently-leaked footage of one of Dave's songs from the early 90s.  I wonder if this will ever get cleaned up enough to be released!

(Credit Laundry Room Studio via YouTube)

And I always wonder if any popular bands actually hate any of their radio hits (I think the Smashing Pumpkins hate all of theirs, but that's another blog.)  Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins tells us about one he hates:

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