We dropped from the sunny 70s to the snowy 20s over a span of 24 hours, but what does the weekend have in store for us? Thankfully, the cold and snow will leave quickly (though, not quite as quickly as it arrived). 

Matt Sparx
Matt Sparx

They always say that if you don't like the weather in Colorado, just wait five minutes, or at least a day in this case, because it'll change completely. That was evident this week, but by Friday, temps will be back in the 40s, with only a slight chance of snow for Northern Colorado.

According to the National Weather Service, Saturday has a high near 50, with a chance of mixed rain, snow and possible thunder throughout the day. On Sunday, we get our nice spring weather back; mostly sunny with a high of 64 in Fort Collins.

For more info, see the National Weather Service's detailed forecast.

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