As Luke Bryan says, "Rain is a Good Thing" least, until the weeds get out of control, and that is exactly the case here at 600 Main Street in Windsor.

I get it...Downtown Windsor is beautiful and has standards, and right now, we simply aren't living up to those standards to keep Downtown looking beautiful, and we need a little assistance because the Windsor Weed Police have busted us. Any landscapers in the house?

AJ Battalio/TSM

As you can see, our weed problem has gotten out of hand and while we can yank up some weeds here and there to improve the situation, we want to take it up a notch and REALLY get this place looking sharp. Could we do it on our own? Sure...but we have other stuff to do, like entertain, play all of your favorite songs and give away a bunch of free stuff like concert tickets and flyaways...well, that, AND we hate manual labor.

I know that we have some pretty incredible landscaping companies here in Northern Colorado because I've seen them in action with the work that they've done, both in residential neighborhoods and throughout the downtown areas of various towns.

So, we're putting the call out to you or someone you may know who can help us take this mini forest that we have on the side of our building and help us avoid this hefty fine.

Neighbors helping neighbors: I've seen it from the time we've moved to Colorado almost 9 months ago, and let's see if we can't make it happen again so we can do our part and keep Downtown Windsor looking sharp.

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