There has been a lot of Warped Tour talk happening on my blog page lately, and I guess I'm not done yet. 

Though I haven't been to a Vans Warped Tour in years, I will always fondly hold it in my high school heart as that day-long party in a parking lot, with a lot of music, skateboards and sweating profusely. I was just saying last week, as a product of the Denver suburbs, this was a day my friends and I were pretty loyal to as teenagers, and I can remember how cool it was to see a lineup of bands who were from Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins.

Now, you can help Fort Collins' own Shatterproof have that same experience -- and then some. Ernie Ball's PLAY Warped Tour will be selecting winners from the top 100 entries from each market based on points earned. The more people who watch and share Shatterproof's videos, the more points they earn, and the better their chances are at getting noticed, and on the main stage at Warped Tour.

Not to mention, the video for 'Karma' is pretty cute. I'm sure that they would hate that I just called it 'cute.' But I did, so deal with it. Make sure you follow this link and watch the video for 'Karma' and 'Cookie Cutter Life,' to help get points for Shatterproof.

While 41 bands will be selected across the country, one band will get a grand prize, which includes a some cash and a three-song EP with Chad Gilbert (Mr. Hayley Williams) of the band New Found Glory.

We've seen these guys at the Artery, and we could totally them fitting right in at Warped Tour, so let's help them out.

Click here to help Shatterproof PLAY Warped Tour 2016.