Colorado had been impatiently waiting for this awesome new restaurant concept for almost a year, but the "Freedom Street Social" food hall is finally open, and with eight local restaurant options, it looks awesome.

What Is Freedom Street Social Food House?

I could be dating myself, but I remember going to the old Westminster Mall with groups of friends back when I was a kid. After a few hours of shopping, we'd all grab lunch or dinner depending on how long we were there shopping. If we didn't all want the in-mall Chick-Fil-A, back when Malls were the only places to get Chick-Fil-A, they had giant food courts to go eat at. Many malls still have giant food courts, and they're really cool because everyone can get the kind of food they want, and still all eat together. If you're a fan of the food court style of dining, you're gonna be really excited about Freedom Street Social.

Freedom Street Social Food Hall In Arvada, Colorado

Inspired by one of Freedom Street Social's founders, NickCostanzo, and his grandmother's Italian cooking, Freedom Street Social is a place to provide a fun and delicious community connection, while gathering and enjoying one of eight different local restaurants located inside of the food hall. The available choices look amazing!

What Food Do They Have At Freedom Street Social?

Located in Arvada, at 15177 Candelas Pkwy, close to Standley Lake, you've got plenty of food options for you, your crew, or the entire family to choose from.

Osito's provides a fun twist on some traditional Mexican dishes!

This dish from the BKFST Club looks so dang good!

If coffee is your jam, Pressed Coffee and Vinyl have you covered.

Lea Jane's Hot Chicken looks absolutely bomb.

Another chicken shot because I just can't get over how good it looks!

Yup! They've got your dessert covered too at Jeremiah's Italian Ice. Looks so good!

Tons of open seating for you and your crew or family to hang out, visit, and enjoy some awesome food.

The set-up and selection at Freedom Street Social seem perfect for families or larger groups who all like different things, so round up the crew and head down to Colorado's newest food hall choice and enjoy yourself.

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