In October, the Denver band honored the late Tom Petty on the day of his passing with their own rendition of the song 'Walls.' Now, The Lumineers have gotten into the holiday spirit with a cover of Willie Nelson's 1963 song, 'Pretty Paper.'

Before 'Pretty Woman,' Nelson's song 'Pretty Paper' was originally recorded by Roy Orbison, but several other country artists have also taken a turn with it, Dallas News reports; Glenn Campbell, Randy Travis and Kenny Chesney to name a few. Now, Colorado's folk rockers The Lumineers are takin' a swing, too.

According to Rolling Stone, proceeds from sales of The Lumineers' cover will go to the Brown Paper Bag Movement.

The band's cellist, Neyla Pekarek, left the group in the fall of 2018 to focus on her solo work inspired by her time in Greeley, Colorado, where she attended UNC. The band remains as a two piece with founding members Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites.

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