Room 217 at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park: Hollywood famous, historically haunted. But is it actually creepy inside?

According to legend, the former head chambermaid of the hotel haunts the room which was once an L-shaped Presidential Suite. On June 25, 1911, a thunderstorm took out the power, forcing all guests to retreat to the lobby while the staff lit each room with acetylene gas lamps. Unbeknownst to chambermaid Elizabeth Wilson, there was a gas leak in 217; when she entered the room with a lit candle, there was a massive compression explosion, which destroyed the entire west wing of the Stanley Hotel.

Ms. Wilson fell through the floor into the dining room located directly below room 217. She survived and only suffered 2 broken ankles.

After she was nursed back to health, all her medical expenses paid by Mr. Stanley himself, she was made the head chambermaid and held that position until her death in the 1950s. Now her spirit allegedly folds guests' clothes and puts them away in room 217, and if an unmarried couple stays in the room, she'll crawl in between them in bed to keep them apart.

And then of course, there was that one time Stephen King and his wife Tabitha checked into room 217 on October 30, 1974. (The rest of that story is history.)

So with so much activity having happened in room 217, it's not hard to imagine a lot of different energies have accumulated in that space - good, bad, and creepy.

But is it actually creepy inside? YouTube user Manic Excursions stayed in room 217 early last year and shot GoPro footage of the space. Aside from the ghostly effects, spooky music, and sounds children laughing in the background, it really doesn't look all that bad. Maybe Mr. Manic just makes it look easy, but it really doesn't seem creepy. I'm sure someone has smudged the room at some point to get rid of negative energy and spirits, anyway.

Creepy or not-so-creepy? You be the judge after watching the video below.