That wasn't a joke. Pop singer Halsey recently posted a photo on instagram of a disturbing, fresh tattoo of Marilyn Manson's face on her side, stating that she is "absolutely obsessed." See the photo below.

Her fans do not seem to be too pleased with the permanent decision according to the comment section of the post, where some referred to Manson as "an abuser" and questioned why she would want to sport his face on her body. She also took to Twitter to announce her new ink, clarifying she was not referring to the cult-leading serial killer.

Despite confusion amongst Halsey and Manson's fans alike, she claims to have been influenced by musicians of the 1990s. She told MTV in an interview that she was "raised on Biggie & Nirvana," and listed Alanis Morisette, The Cure and Gin Blossoms as well as some other artists who had an impact on her.

Manson, on the other hand, has performances at two upcoming festivals in July, Rock USA and Rock Fest.

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