Hairstylists Appreciation Day (Saturday, April 30) has me thinking about all the crazy things I've done to achieve cool hair - and where I've ended up is the best yet, so I'd like to thank my stylist for all she does to make my locks look SUPA fab!

As a bottle blonde (and true blonde at heart), I can say finding the right hairstylist is crucial to finding the right look and maintaining hair health. I owe a huge thank you to my stylist, Brittany Williams, who styles my hair at 'Ohana Salon in Fort Collins - being a blonde herself, she seriously gets my hair, and she does an amazing job helping me keep it looking and feeling healthy. She's also super passionate about what she does, and that shows in the work she does on my hair and her other clients' hair, too!


Here's how Brittany styled my hair (cut, blonde, and curls) at a recent salon visit:

Courtesy of Brittany Williams

I've gone through a lot of stylists over the years, including...myself...and yes, it was a total disaster.

I've tried to bleach my own hair out of a box, color it out of a box, etc. I've woven globs of purple, red, blue, pink, teal, and even "Electric Banana" into my hair, and while it seemed like a good idea at first, I quickly realized I am not an expert...and should leave a job like this to someone like Brittany who IS an expert.

When I lived in Orlando, Florida, I would get my hair done by students at the Aveda Institute. Each time I went, I'd have a different student bleach my hair (I think other students were somewhat envious of whoever was doing my hair, because they'd always ask the student what "level of blonde" they were using, what their technique was, etc. and then say, "I'll have so-and-so do that to me tonight!"). I got to see each one of those students pour their passion into my hair and other clients' hairdos, as well. It was super awesome - stylists are true artists in every sense of the word, and no matter where they are in their career, they deserve all the recognition they can get!

Take some time on April 30 to show your appreciation for your hairstylist, whether they live in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Berthoud, Johnstown, Ault, Estes Park, Denver, or heck, maybe you travel across the country to get your hair done! Say thank you, because they love what they do, and they work hard to make you look stunning and feel good about yourself.