Haircuts are getting super pricey these days anyways, so you might as well throw down a few extra bucks and get yourself a show while getting your mop cleaned up. Yes, boobs with your haircut, and if you are real lucky you might even get to touch, and more. But be warned that at least in Northern Colorado topless haircutter's might not be as good at cutting hair as they are at taking off their shirts. 

Suzette Hall, 46, also known as Suzette Dawe, is in the Boulder County jail under a $25,000 bond.  She was arrested Wednesday in Loveland on suspicion of practicing cosmetology without a license and criminal impersonation.

And yes, you did read that right, she was not arrested for what you might think, but instead for cutting hair without the proper licences.

I have no idea how I missed it during my weekly trips through Craigslist, but it turns out that is where our very own topless haircutter was advertising. Witnesses also alleged "sex during haircuts" occurred while she was cutting hair in Johnstown or Loveland.

But the real story here is that she was arrested for bouncing checks and cutting hair without a licence. It seems as though no one cares that she was cutting hair without her shirt. Thus, leaving hope that there is a market for this in the future!!!

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