Green Day have a new song en route, but you'll find it first during NBC's Saturday afternoon (Feb. 20) broadcast of the NHL's annual outdoor game event, this year featuring the Colorado Avalanche and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

According to Billboard, the group will unveil their song "Here Comes the Shock" during the game, which is taking place at the Edgewood Tahoe Resort outdoor venue in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. It's one of two outdoor games this weekend, with Pentatonix lined up to remotely deliver the National Anthem for Sunday's (Feb. 21) game at the same venue featuring the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers. Both games will air live on NBC at 3PM ET on their scheduled dates.

"LOUD season has returned. We’re stoked 'Here Comes The Shock' will soundtrack the NHL's return to the outdoors!" Green Day said to Billboard in a statement. The song will be played within a highlight reel showcasing the top plays of the first quarter of the NHL season.

So far, the NHL's promotion with Green Day has been tied to the group's 2020 album, Father of All..., but "Here Comes the Shock" is the first song used not currently associated with the album.

"Here Comes the Shock" will be available via streaming services as of Feb. 21. It's part of the group's ongoing deal with the NHL. They previously played the NHL's All-Star Game last year and their music has been used in NHL promos. The group's music will continue to be used within promos through the remainder of the 2021 season.

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