Can you imagine writing Green Day a letter and getting a personalized video response in return? That's apparently what happened some 23 years ago when a diehard fan prompted such a reply from the's band singer and guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong after she hung up on him and his wife twice.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, Green Day fans far and wide can now enjoy the heartwarming clip Armstrong sent the fan named Jessica back in 1996. It was shared this week by the woman's husband, who claims to have himself "never been a huge fan" but still "really respect[s] Billie Joe for being so good to his fans." Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

"In 1996 Billie Joe Armstrong took time to call my wife when she was 15," Reddit user u/jmsmnn explained Tuesday (Nov. 11) with a link to the clip. "She would send him letters often. One day he called her house to thank her. Being a young girl from a small town, she couldn't believe it was really him so she assumed it was a prank call and hung up on him."

The story continues, "[Billie Joe's] wife immediately called back to try to convince her it was real. She hung up on her too. A week or so later a package showed up with a video in it. In the video he held up the letters she had sent him and thanked her for them."

In the video filmed by Adrienne Armstrong, the Green Day frontman's wife since 1994, the musician indeed presents the items Jessica had sent to the band. He also shows her what he'll be forwarding in return.

"Hey, Jessica, there's the one letter," Armstrong offers in the clip as proof of his identity. "Right here — zoom in on that bad rascal. There, 'thinking of you,' puppy dogs, all that fun stuff. Here's your Valentine right here. Let's see, and here is my letter I'm going to be sending back to you. This is an old flyer of us back in, like, 1989. And that's it. Thanks!"

Talk about a blast from the past. These days, the band is performing punk landmark Dookie in full while Armstrong prompts pop star Billie Eilish to reveal her favorite Green Day song. The rockers' new album Father of All Motherfuckers arrives next year, after which they'll tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer.

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