Green Day are searching for a backyard to host a party in celebration of their upcoming album, Father of All Motherfuckers, out next month. A barn or a church parking lot would also work should a suitable yard not be available for the occasion. That's according to an update from frontman Billie Joe Armstrong.

Watch the rocker's seemingly earnest plea from Tuesday (Jan. 7) toward the bottom of this post. The group appears to be having fun with fans in anticipation of their thirteenth studio effort. After all, the album's tracklisting was all but confirmed when a Green Day fansite received an early copy of the record sleeve in the mail. See that below, as well.

"Does anybody have a relatively big backyard that we could do like a backyard party somewhere?" Armstrong asks in the video that was covered by Kerrang. "We could come and play at your house or your garage or your backyard. Or if you have like a barn. Or is there a church or a church parking lot? You know I was conceived in a church parking lot? Anyway, just hijinks, fun, mischief. A backyard party with your favorite band, Green Day!"

However, it looks like there is one caveat in providing a backyard for Green Day's Father of All blowout. In a follow-up video appended to Armstrong's message, the musician adds, "Oh yeah, it would have to be in California."

That same day, the outfit confirmed their next Father of All single is called "Oh Yeah!" with a GIF of an old Slim Jim commercial starring "Macho Man" Randy Savage. The song title lines up with the record sleeve that Green Day Fans received late last month, one in which the band knowingly acknowledged on Twitter.

"Oh Yeah!" is expected next week, Jan. 16. Title track "Father of All..." emerged last September. "Fire, Ready, Aim" — the single that saw use in promotions for the National Hockey League — arrived the following month.

Following the release of Father of All Motherfuckers, Green Day will hit the road for the "Hella Mega Tour" this summer that finds the act combining forces with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. Get concert tickets here.

Green Day, Father of All Motherfuckers Track Listing

1. "Father of All…"
2. "Fire, Ready, Aim"
3. "Oh Yeah!"
4. "Meet Me on the Roof"
5. "I Was a Teenage Teenager"
6. "Stab You in the Heart"
7. "Sugar Youth"
8. "Junkies on a High"
9. "Take the Money and Crawl"
10. "Graffitia"

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