You have to love Greeley's City Manager, Roy Otto, if only for the fact that his enthusiasm is contagious, even when hyping new art that's in bathrooms.

Greeley's City Manager has a program, 'You Otto Know;' it's a clever play on words, where he gets to highlight things happening or features in and around the city. For example, he recently explored the new trend, pickleball. 'You Otto Know, about Pickelball.'

Recently, the City of Greeley 'dropped' the latest 'You Otto Know,' this one to highlight all the great art that people are going to find when they need to 'go' at Union Colony Civic Center (UCCC.)

It's hardly ever not awkward using the bathroom in public places, let alone a performance hall. Art can induce calmness, which may help folks, like my friend. You thought I was talking about myself, didn't you? I understand.

In the new video, Otto joyfully takes you into not only the men's room, but the women's room (making sure no one was in there,) to show us 'the 'Fart' without the 'F.'

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Otto is so excited about the art that he suggests, jokingly, that people will skip the performances that they are to see, instead opting to enjoy the wonderful 'bathroom art.'

They also add in a thirty-second blooper/deleted scene reel to the video.

Thanks, Otto, now... we know.

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