When you get a ride home, instead of driving after being out having one too many, it’s nice for someone to thank you for doing the right thing.

The Tavern at St. Michael’s Square is doing just that: rewarding drivers for NOT driving home if they’ve had too much!

Jeff Capasso, TSM

You go out on a Saturday night with friends and have a great time. Maybe you have too good of a time. Beers, shots, more beer.  At that point, you’ve decided you will not be driving home, and will catch a ride via a friend, a cab or the ever-popular Uber. That’s a win for everybody: you’re not out there being dangerous on the road (probably getting pulled over), and the public stays safe.

The next day, you arrive back at your car- you see some sort of ‘ticket’ on it. ‘Great’, you’re thinking. ‘I do the right thing, and now there’s a ticket on my car.’ Hold on… That’s not a ticket at all!  It’s a thank you note and coupon to the bar/restaurant you were at last night.

The Tavern at St. Michael’s Square has been placing these thank you notes on vehicles left in their parking lot overnight.  Not only a ‘Thank You’, but $5 towards your next drink inside their place! That is a great idea. You get to acknowledge a person for doing the right thing, and also get them to frequent your establishment again!

Maybe other bars/restaurants will pick up on the idea.  Well done, The Tavern!