I was watching the new show Ginny & Georgia recently and noticed in their high school, all the students take notes on laptops. I thought that was crazy. When I was 17, everything was done by hand: notes, tests, you name it. Now, using digital technology is not just expected, it's necessary.

This is even more true after the COVID-19 pandemic, when students were asked not to come to school and to stay inside their homes, using Zoom and other internet tools to connect with teachers and other students for assignments and presentations.

Governor Polis, in a Facebook post on Tuesday, March 16, made some connections to a vintage comic when thinking about modern-day schooling.

Polis shared a panel from Archie Comics drawn in 1997 (something I used to read religiously, by the way) that depicts one of the characters, Betty, logging on to a session at school on her computer with a webcam ready to go. In the background, flying cars dot the morning sky. The caption? High School 2021 A.D.

Pretty crazy, right? This comic literally predicted the future.

Polis, in the post, wrote:

Somehow online education isn't as glamorous as this Archie Comic from way back in 1997 makes it out to be. That's why I've made it a priority for Colorado kids to safely return to school.

Polis goes on to talk more about why it's important to return kids to school full-time, and now that it's actually happening, this comic becomes nothing more than a piece of fiction. Read his full post right here:

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