You're not high, you read that right. OK, I don't know, maybe you are high. But, if you're a cannabis user, Colorado School of Public Health needs YOU to get high for them.

Normally, weed never condone hittin' the bong before hittin' the road, but this is for research — oh, and it's a driving simulator, so you're not actually behind the wheel of a real car.

According to The Denver Channel, Colorado School of Public Health is conducting a study on impaired driving, particularly to understand 'how marijuana affects people who use it every day, people who use it once or twice a week and people who don't use it at all.' (Source: The Denver Channel)

University of Colorado is seeking volunteers age 25 to 45 who either vape or smoke cannabis and have a valid driver's license. If you don't use cannabis, you can still be a part of the study as a 'control subject.' It does include blood draws, too, so you've gotta be cool with that.

If you want to participate (it pays), you can learn more on the study via The Denver Channel.

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