Hey NoCo:

When I was a young kid in college making YouTube videos from my dorm room, I had no idea that those silly 3-minute videos would turn into a radio show in Northern Colorado (the lesson here is: follow your dreams).

All I ever wanted to do was make people laugh, and I loved doing it from the privacy of my room. Little did I know, that translated perfectly to hosting a radio show.

I started part-time on The Point when I was pretty fresh out of college, and I learned a lot about radio doing so. Not only that, but I loved connecting with listeners out in the wild. It's so easy to get into the mindset that you're talking into a void; that is until someone approaches you and lets you know that you're the voice they hear driving home in the afternoons. That's incredible.

I left for a short period of time to work for New Belgium Brewery (shoutout to my NBB people!) and came back because I felt the intoxicating pull of radio once again. I fell back into my afternoon radio shift and felt a stronger connection to Northern Colorado than ever before: and for that, I wanted to say thank you.

It's been five years total of incredible experiences: bad jokes on-air, club nights at The Aggie and The Coast, dance parties in the studios with my fellow programmers. I have met some really incredible people here who I will never forget, and that includes you!

I can't disclose who my replacement is just yet, but within the next few days, you'll be both excited and surprised to have a new voice coming at you through the airwaves, and I hope you give this person the big Colorado welcome you gave me, too.

Cheers, NoCo.


(P.S.: Come party with me one last time. Grab your tickets for the Zombie Ball at The Coast right here.)

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