If you want a place where you can walk in knowing absolutely nothing and come out feeling the most capable you've ever felt, Maker's Bench in Timnath is the place to try.

Okay, maybe that was just the general consensus of most of us here at Townsquare Media, but we can't help but feel like we are the only ones who don't specialize in anything woodworking!

On Dec. 6, a handful of our staff made the trip over to Maker's Bench to see what they were all about.

Maker's Bench, a community workspace to learn and create, welcomed us with open arms to walk us through the entire process of building a tray from scratch. When we say "from scratch", we quite literally mean from cutting a piece straight off of a giant slab of wood to looking like something you'd find roaming the aisles of Pottery Barn.

Maker's Bench was founded by Pete and Cheryl Thomas, along with their son, Shane Thomas. They were inspired by a space similar to the concept of Maker's Bench, and the rest, as they say, is history!

"You might walk into Maker's Bench as a woodworking amateur, but you'll walk out feeling like a pro after making your very own wooden masterpiece," said Maxx from New Country 99.1 mornings. "I cannot suggest this place enough to anyone and everyone - whether you are looking to build on your woodworking skills, seeking a new date night activity, or are just looking for a new hobby. This isn't something I'd typically go out of my way to do, but I'm so glad that I did!"

Dave Jensen from Retro 102.5 afternoons said, "I really enjoyed the process of creating something with my own hands, and they made it easy; even better. All the tools and equipment were safe and easy to use, with their hi-tech ventilation taking the sawdust out of the shop as we worked. Their staff was friendly; not like ‘shop guys’ that might make you feel stupid for not knowing how to use the tools."

Big Rob from afternoons on 99.9 The Point also talked about the ease of learning, saying, "It was a very cool experience! It made me feel like I knew what I was doing while never reminding me that I actually don't! I will absolutely be looking into the classes there."

Maker's Bench offers a wide variety of use in their space depending on your woodworking experience. For people who come in with the knowledge we had - which was pretty much close to nothing - they offer classes where you are walked through step-by-step in how to create anything of your choice out of their class catalog.

Or, for those of you who maybe are a bit more versed in the woodworking realm, they offer memberships that vary in hours per week spent in the community space where you are able to come in, use the equipment, and build to your heart's desire.

Take a look at every step of the process along the way! You can almost see the accomplishment beaming from our faces by the end!

Maker's Bench: From Start to Finish With Townsquare Media

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