A home for sale in Glenwood Springs is located in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and trees and is absolutely gorgeous inside and out. It carries a pretty hefty price tag at $1.6 million and despite this, there are also some rather strange things about the home.


The home is located outside of Glenwood Springs in the middle of the wilderness at 726 137 County Road. While the address is technically a Glenwood Springs address, to get to the home you would have to travel west from Glenwood Springs then head up County Road 137 north before reaching New Castle on I-70.

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A Beautiful Home

The home itself is quite gorgeous. It features multiple bedrooms, plenty of large windows to take in surrounding views, two fireplaces, and more. In addition, the home has plenty of seating on the patio, a hot tub, a grilling area, and a large lawn yard to enjoy the great outdoors.

Odd Things About the Home

Despite being absolutely beautiful, there are also several quite odd things about the home. For example, there are a few rooms in the home with little more than shelves, which raises questions as to what the rooms were actually used for. Also, the home has what appears to be two kitchens: one that is really nice that is on the top floor, and another in the basement with what appears to be a stripper pole.

Take a virtual tour of this Glenwood Springs, Colorado home for sale for $1.6 million and check out not only its beauty but the oddities it has as well.

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