I'm not gonna lie, I'm a glamping kind of person. When it comes to camping, I never really did it that much as a kid and throughout the several times I've done it as an adult...it's just not that fun for me. I can never get a good night's sleep because I'm uncomfortable and always thinking about bears attacking, spiders (which I absolutely cannot stand) and not having a real bathroom to take a nice hot shower.

I never really considered myself much of a diva until I went camping and then I realized that I was and still am, so that's why this little glamping adventure looks like a blast...and more my speed. I mean, at least I'll have a comfy bed to get some good rest.

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According to the River Run Resort in Granby, the area provides covered wagons that you can sleep in...and they're really nice. It's a happy medium for me because I'm still "camping", although let's be real, this is "glamping" but I'm still outdoors and I'm kind of getting a feel for how our ancestors felt when they slept in their wagons...KINDA, but not really.

David Huber, the general manager at River Run said that along with the RVs and cabins people can now stay in covered wagons that look like they just rolled right out of the Old West.

After checking out the website, not only do I really want to try staying in one of the covered wagons but these little cabins look pretty awesome as well.

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