An accident investigation report from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment's Division of Oil and Safety (OPS) has revealed that the victim of the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park incident was not wearing a seatbelt.

6-year-old Wongel Estifanos, of Colorado Springs, died of multiple blunt force injuries after falling from the park's Haunted Mine Drop ride earlier this month.

According to the report, the ride's operators did not properly fasten Estifanos' seatbelts — she was sitting on top of them when the ride took off. The operators were also inadequately trained on how to read the ride's Human Machine Interface (HMI), which had alerted them of a seatbelt error.

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Misreading the error and not realizing that Estifanos' did not have a seatbelt on, the operators reset the HMI and allowed the ride to begin.

According to FOX31, the Haunted Mine Drop ride has been closed since the incident; although, the rest of Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park is open. The station also published a statement from Steve Beckley, the park's founder:

The owners, management and entire Glenwood Caverns family are heart-broken by the tragic accident that occurred here on September 5...more than anything, we want the Estifanos family to know how deeply sorry we are for their loss and how committed we are to making sure it never happens again.

Beckley also noted the park's commitment to safety. However, Dan Caplis, the Estifanos' lawyer, claims that an operator forgot to buckle another customer's seatbelt on the same ride in 2019 — this instance did not result in a fatality.

Caplis is asking any witnesses of Estifanos' accident to contact him here or at (303) 770-5551.

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