Ghost's 2019 single "Mary on a Cross" is the latest rock song to go viral as a result of TikTok, and their fans appear to have some mixed reactions about it.

The song, which was featured on the band's single Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, was used in a TikTok that was published at the end of July about — you guessed it — Stranger ThingsThe latest episodes of the show were released on Netflix in early July, and several songs have experienced a huge surge in popularity, including Metallica's "Master of Puppets" and Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)."

Now, because of the popularity of the show, "Mary on a Cross" seems to be reaping the benefits too. It's not only become a popular song to use in videos on the app, but has received an increase in streams on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music as well. The song currently sits at No. 9 on Spotify's Viral 50 Global chart.

The introduction of the song to such a large mass of people on the internet is likely to attract a new wave of Ghost fans, and those who've been following them for years appear to have mixed feelings about it. Some people are upset that the song has reached such a wide audience, while others are thankful that they were able to discover Ghost as a result.

"I'm not bothered about 'Mary on a Cross' being used on TikTok but I AM afraid of the inevitable day I hear a 12-year-old singing it in public," someone wrote on Twitter.

"People can buy tickets only because of 'Mary on a Cross,' I don't care it might be their way of getting introduced to the band and fall in love with them, I don't care. But if I see someone saying they went to ritual ONLY to hear it and then walked out of the venue... I'm throwing hands," another remarked.

Others, however, have written friendlier sentiments, welcoming newcomers to Ghost's fanbase, citing that gatekeeping music is unfair.

As of now, "Mary on a Cross" is Ghost's only available song to use on the video platform. See the original TikTok it was used in, as well as various reactions from their fans on Twitter below.

Ghost are heading out on tour next week with Mastodon and Spiritbox. The trek wraps up toward the end of September. You can get tickets through this link.

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